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answers to common questions about NordiCare®

Why should I refer patients to NordiCare®?

NordiCare® saves time and minimizes administrative demands. By coordinating among managed care organizations, specialty pharmacies, yourself, and your patient, NordiCare® improves communication and enhances patient care. NordiCare® also provides comprehensive support such as insurance case management, in-home training, 24/7 pharmacy support, and special services for patients in need.

What are the eligibility requirements?

NordiCare® is available to physicians who are licensed in the United States (US) and who prescribe growth hormone therapy only for its indicated uses. NordiCare® is available to patients who are US residents and are prescribed Norditropin® [somatropin (rDNA origin) injection] for an FDA-approved diagnosis while under the care of a US physician.

How do I enroll my patients?

To enroll your patient in NordiCare®, fax a Statement of Medical Necessity (SMN) and clinical documentation supporting the patient’s need for Norditropin® therapy to NordiCare®. You can also fill out the online SMN on the website and upload your patient’s electronic medical record. SMNs may be obtained from your representative or a blank form may be downloaded here:
Download the Pediatric SMN
Download the Adult SMN

How does the NordiCare® insurance authorization process work?

NordiCare® contacts the patient’s payor to verify coverage, identify in-network pharmacy options, and determine prior authorization requirements. For payors requiring pre-approval, NordiCare® works with the prescriber to initiate authorization based on the payor’s required forms and submission processes. NordiCare® contacts both the patient and physician to explain coverage details and the prior authorization timeline. The Case Manager follows up at regular intervals to assess the status of the prior authorization request and ensure all necessary information has been provided to the payor according to the requirements.

What is involved in the NordiCare® appeals process?

If a prior authorization request is denied, the Case Manager will contact the physician and patient to discuss whether the patient will pursue an appeal. The NordiCare® Appeals Specialist works with the physician to gather all required documentation to support the appeal for Norditropin® approved indications. For carrier appeals that may last several months, the Case Manager works with the patient to determine potential eligibility for alternative reimbursement or, if eligible, the NordiCare® Patient Access Program (PAP). Patients may also potentially access the NordiCare® JumpStart program during the appeals process to prevent any gaps in therapy.

How does NordiCare® assist during the reauthorization process?

NordiCare® will alert your office 30 days in advance to a reauthorization by sending over a pre-filled SMN form to help expedite the process.

How does NordiCare® relate to facilitates access to the support services of NordiCare® over the web. It also facilitates communication among health care providers and NordiCare® staff and offers a range of online resources including SMN forms, growth charts, and dosing tools.

How long are NordiCare® services provided?

NordiCare® services are provided to patients and prescribers throughout the entire course of therapy.

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