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NordiCare® – working to ensure a path to treatment that is fast, effective, and reliable

NordiCare® is a comprehensive support program for you and your patients who are being treated with Norditropin® [somatropin (rDNA origin) injection]. Upon referral, your patients and their caregivers will have free access to NordiCare®. And for as long as your patients can benefit from Norditropin® therapy, a dedicated NordiCare® Case Manager will be ready to assist.


A patient-specific benefits investigation is available via QuickCheck SMN and that enables you to determine growth hormone coverage for a patient's specific health coverage.

  • Quickly check an individual patient's insurance coverage for growth hormone - expected within 4 hours
  • Initiate patient communication – typically within 24 hours
  • Complete benefits investigations – typically within 48 hours1
  • Obtain prior authorization decisions – typically within ten days1
  • Proactively track timing and begin the reauthorization process 30 days in advance
  • Download the QuickCheck form


NordiCare® provides your patients with comprehensive support through reimbursement/insurance case management, patient communication, training, and specialty pharmacy coordination. NordiCare® Case Managers also assist with administration of NordiAccess programs, including:

  • JumpStart
  • Patient Access Program (PAP)
  • NordiSure
  • Your patients are proactively encouraged to call NordiCare® with insurance questions rather than your office, saving you valuable time.
  • NordiCare® will facilitate the search for missing medical records with a patient-provided contact.*
  • NordiCare® coordinates in-home or web-based training provided by qualified nurses, many with an endocrinology background.

NordiCare® on the web – simplifying the process and saving you time is a secure, HIPAA-compliant website where you can post and review inquiries with your Case Manager at your convenience. Once registered with, you have instant access to records for every patient you have enrolled in NordiCare® since 2003. You can also use our simple online Statement of Medical Necessity (SMN) to refer new patients and access helpful resources such as downloadable growth charts and patient education materials.

NordiCare® enrollment starts with an SMN. You can access electronic NordiCare® SMNs at (registration required) or download a blank SMN here.

Download the Pediatric SMN
Download the Adult SMN


Advice and help is available through our hotline by calling 1-888-668-6444.

* Within HIPAA guidelines.


  1. Data on file. Cycle time: average number of days to approved insurance. Princeton, NJ: Novo Nordisk, Inc; 2008.